• HikariYui97

    Happy TakuRan Day!

    September 3, 2013 by HikariYui97

    Today is 3rd September~~ Which means it's TakuRan day!!! YAY!!!

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  • Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! I just watched the NEW PV for the Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang/Supernova Game and guess what ? I saw the S.I.J. members using animals during the match O____O||| 


    PS, here the PV link ~

    Konoha !!! OMG ! She has released a quater of her soul ! >w< I think she maybe the first SIJ member to release a soul :3 What do you think ?



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  • HikariYui97

    very sorry

    August 22, 2013 by HikariYui97

    Uwahhhhhhhhh I'm very sorry for not being active at this TCG wikia for really long time >A

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  • Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! Wanna play a game ? Here is 1 for you !!!

    This game is called Inazuma TCG Challenge. 

    First, you have to send me 3 TCGs on my talk page and tell me which TCG you wanna use first (put it as TCG 1, TCG 2, TCG 3).

    Second, the round will began when we have 4 or more people joinning.

    Next, the game start with Round 1 ---> Round 5/Round 1 ---> Round 6++.

    • You can switch TCGs in very round except for the starting round.
    • Here is the point for the rounds.

    Rounds Points
    Round 1 1 (win) 1 (lose)
    Round 2 2 (win) 1 (lose)
    Round 3 4 (win) 2 (lose)
    Round 4 6 (win) 3 (lose)
    Round 5 8 (win) 3 (lose)
    Round 6++ 9 (win) 3 (lose)
    • If this game is popular, I'll add more Levels into this game; I now only had put Level A, B and C.
    • The most important thing, ENJOY THI…

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  • Shirou Atsuya

    Hey guys,let me know your favourite character in Shinsei Inazuma Japan(Galaxy).

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  • BlackReshiram16


    June 29, 2013 by BlackReshiram16

    Minna, do you think we should make a Stub Template? for articles with only 3- TCGs?

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  • Shirou Atsuya

    Father's Day

    June 16, 2013 by Shirou Atsuya

    Today(16-6-2013)is Father's Day,what would you do?

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  • Shirou Atsuya

    In this 3 character,who is the best character?

    Endou Mamoru,Gouenji Shuuya and Kidou Yuuto.

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  • Otonashiharuna

    TCG Team

    June 7, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Konnichiwa desu! Otonashi here! Anyone wants to join my team? If you want to join...we will need these...

    Team name, Characters, TCG, positions, numbers, elements and more~ come register today! XD

    The match will be held at here so please online at Saturday or Sunday~ :)


    Name : Kidou Yuuto

    Position : Midfielder

    Element : Wind

    Number 14

    User:Fubukiya lee

    Name : Kiyama Hiroto

    Position : Midfielder

    Element : Fire

    Number : 18


    Name: Ichino Nanasuke

    Postion : Midfielder / Defender

    Element : Wind

    Number : 13


    Name : Shuu

    Position : Forward / Defender

    Element : Wood

    Number : 11/50

    User:Leonard Victor

    Name : Fubuki Shirou

    Position : Forward

    Element : Wind

    Number : 9

    User:HeatFlame (On Benched)

    Name : Atsuishi Shigeto


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  • Otonashiharuna


    June 7, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Can someone teach me how to make Infobanner? I really want to know how...

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Media Wiki

    June 3, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    To all of the admins on Inazuma Eleven TCG Wiki :

    Any suggestions about the Media Wiki: Welcome Message User? If you have, please tell me! ^^

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  • Shirou Atsuya


    May 29, 2013 by Shirou Atsuya

    Finally!I can come back to wiki! XD

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  • Otonashiharuna


    May 24, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Hey minna...I am going to say about minna's mistakes on editing articles and categories.

    First, the introduction, I know most of you guys copied it from another wiki. But you must check if there were mistakes in it. And, please...I don't want those Japanese names and bold coloured words. Hope you guys can change it.. And don't use links from another wiki!!

    About Fubukiya...I want to ask..why you space so many lines???? I need to help you edit all the time you know!? O.O

    And pictures, I hope you guys can find quality images for it...especially HQ one!!! XDDD

    Please correct your mistake minna..and be a good contributer ^^

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  • Otonashiharuna

    I will put 2 cards and you guys vote which is the best!

    Round 1

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Hey minna! Here's a question~

    Which Character in Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy you like the most?

    Please answer it!!

    Thank you!

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Yo minna! I have two new pages on Facebook~! Please like!

    [鬼道有人/604672422877800?skip_nax_wizard=true#%7C My Pet Penguin!! >W

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Hey minna! Please like our page!!

    Click here please minna-San!

    Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    And one more~ please like my personal page!

    Click here please minna-San!

    Thanks for all minna! ^^

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  • BlackReshiram16

    Yo minna~^^ This is a character template that Haruna-san asked me to make for the wiki~ Hope you like it, and please use it for the character articles, thankies~^^


    P.S.: To all FB users~ please like~ x3 please like this page~ Thnx~^^

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Admins names~

    May 20, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Konnichiwa minna! Here's Otonashi~

    I had thinked names for you guys~ (just admins)

    Fubukiya Lee : Wiki Decorator Admin

    BlackReshiram16 : Articles Decorator Admin

    HeatFlame : Wiki Decorator Admin

    For me? I don't know~ ^^"

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  • Fubukiya lee

    TCG Game

    May 19, 2013 by Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! Bored ? Let's play TCG !!! XD


    1. You have to upload or PM me 3 ~ 4 TCGs to participate before the closing date.
    2. I will make a timetable after everyone has submited their TCGs.
    3. You can only vote for 1 person in the 1 VS 1 round and 2 ~ 3 persons in the 1 VS 3, 1 VS 4, 1 VS 5 or 1 VS 6 rounds.

    You all can start sending me the TCGs. The closing date for you to PM me the TCGs is on 26 May so you have 1 week to do it.

    Finally ~ Enjoy !!! XD

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  • Otonashiharuna


    May 19, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    TCG is a short form for Trading Card Game. It contains characters that appeared in anime. It is an entertainment.

    This wiki is used to share Inazuma Eleven TCG. You can create articles but please see the examples that those admins had edited.

    If you have problems, you can find me, BlackReshiram16, HeatFlame or Fubukiya lee.

    Have fun minna! ^^

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