This is a page for the Inazuma Eleven Trading Card Game Wikia Rules. Before editing, please read this.


  • Don't create pages that just have 1 - 3 TCG.
  • Do not upload poor quality images, watermarked and fanarts into articles.
  • You are allowed to upload Fanarts at your profile page only.
  • Only admins can create pages.
  • Don't be rude to each other.
  • Don't copy pictures and informations from the Main Inazuma Eleven Wikia.
  • Don't try to break the rules.
  • Don't add articles into wrong categories.
  • Each user's profile page can only have 5 pictures. You can put it into galleries. Please don't put it into Slideshows.
  • Don't make false or unnecessary edits to earn badges.
  • No copy and paste from user's edit at least you got their permission.