Fubukiya lee

aka Dionne Lee Yun Thye

Chat moderator
  • I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Tenma's Biggest Fan >w<
  • Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! I just watched the NEW PV for the Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang/Supernova Game and guess what ? I saw the S.I.J. members using animals during the match O____O||| 


    PS, here the PV link ~

    Konoha !!! OMG ! She has released a quater of her soul ! >w< I think she maybe the first SIJ member to release a soul :3 What do you think ?



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  • Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! Wanna play a game ? Here is 1 for you !!!

    This game is called Inazuma TCG Challenge. 

    First, you have to send me 3 TCGs on my talk page and tell me which TCG you wanna use first (put it as TCG 1, TCG 2, TCG 3).

    Second, the round will began when we have 4 or more people joinning.

    Next, the game start with Round 1 ---> Round 5/Round 1 ---> Round 6++.

    • You can switch TCGs in very round except for the starting round.
    • Here is the point for the rounds.

    Rounds Points
    Round 1 1 (win) 1 (lose)
    Round 2 2 (win) 1 (lose)
    Round 3 4 (win) 2 (lose)
    Round 4 6 (win) 3 (lose)
    Round 5 8 (win) 3 (lose)
    Round 6++ 9 (win) 3 (lose)
    • If this game is popular, I'll add more Levels into this game; I now only had put Level A, B and C.
    • The most important thing, ENJOY THI…

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  • Fubukiya lee

    TCG Game

    May 19, 2013 by Fubukiya lee

    Hey minna !!! Bored ? Let's play TCG !!! XD


    1. You have to upload or PM me 3 ~ 4 TCGs to participate before the closing date.
    2. I will make a timetable after everyone has submited their TCGs.
    3. You can only vote for 1 person in the 1 VS 1 round and 2 ~ 3 persons in the 1 VS 3, 1 VS 4, 1 VS 5 or 1 VS 6 rounds.

    You all can start sending me the TCGs. The closing date for you to PM me the TCGs is on 26 May so you have 1 week to do it.

    Finally ~ Enjoy !!! XD

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