Hey minna !!! Wanna play a game ? Here is 1 for you !!!

This game is called Inazuma TCG Challenge. 

Inazuma TCG Challenge


First, you have to send me 3 TCGs on my talk page and tell me which TCG you wanna use first (put it as TCG 1, TCG 2, TCG 3).

Second, the round will began when we have 4 or more people joinning.

Next, the game start with Round 1 ---> Round 5/Round 1 ---> Round 6++.


  • You can switch TCGs in very round except for the starting round.
  • Here is the point for the rounds.
Rounds Points
Round 1 1 (win) 1 (lose)
Round 2 2 (win) 1 (lose)
Round 3 4 (win) 2 (lose)
Round 4 6 (win) 3 (lose)
Round 5 8 (win) 3 (lose)
Round 6++ 9 (win) 3 (lose)
  • If this game is popular, I'll add more Levels into this game; I now only had put Level A, B and C.
  • The most important thing, ENJOY THIS GAME !!! >w<

I'll post the table soon... For more info, pls contact/message: Fubukiya (talk)

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